We've all known someone who has experienced a hospital stay. 
The reasons can be as varried as delivering a baby to major surgery.
In all cases, you are subject to wearing a drafty, used hospital gown. 
You didn't have a choice. 
Well you do now....

Jazzy Hospital Gowns are finally here!!!

About Jazzy Hospital Gowns...

Jazzy Gowns are made of 100% machine washable cozy, soft,
lightweight, cotton flannel. They tie at the top and have snaps
on the shoulders. They have two sets of snaps for
full back clousure.  When snapped, the back snaps are
guaranteed not to show your backside.
Each original garment is designed to meet strict hospital standards
while continuing to offer the comforts of daily sleepwear.
Our gowns are thoughtfully constructed of soft, lightweight flannel. 
With over
50 exciting fabric designs to choose from for both men and women,
our one-size-fits all gown will allow you to be comfortable and fashionable.
About the Jazzy Hospital Gown Bag...

Each gown comes in its own patented Jazzy Bag. 
Your bag is designed to attach to a loop
that is sewn into the left side of the gown. 
Your bag can also attach onto a hospital bed rail or wheelchair. 
This way, your cell phone, lip balm and other personal items
are right next to you at all times!

Heart Monitor Pocket

Should you require it, we would be delighted to add
a heart monitor pocket at no additional cost.
We provide a slit behind the pocket large enough for the monitor wires.
Simply notify us that you would like the pocket included.
Please indicate the dimensions you would like the pocket to be
and where you would like it to be placed on the gown.
Welcome to Jazzy Hospital Gowns!

Snap closure in back
Each gown comes in a matching bag that can snap onto a loop that is sewn onto the gown.
The matching Jazzy Bag
can snap on to a bed rail
or wheelchair to hold your items.
Each gown comes in its own matching bag
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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